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As COVID Numbers Rise Again, VCs Continue To Be Bullish on Telehealth

Telehealth startup Cerebral entered the medical tech scene two years ago, backed by over $400 million in venture funding and a promise: remote access to mental health professionals and treatment that could help patients with a range of behavioral challenges, from depression to anxiety to ADHD, all bundled in a neat monthly subscription priced at $100 per month.

But by May of this year, Cerebral’s practices began to crumble under scrutiny. The company’s problems accelerated when an ex-executive filed a lawsuit in April alleging he was fired for speaking out against the Cerebral’s tendency to over-prescribe ADHD stimulants. The lawsuit then led to a Justice Department investigation into the company’s “possible violations” of the federal Controlled Substances Act, which is still pending alongside a separate inquiry from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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