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Orange Beach, Alabama

Zipeng Zeng

Venture Scout - USC

Research Scientist, Biotech & Entrepreneurship Enthusiast


Zipeng Zeng is a PhD student at USC Keck School of Medicine, who is very passionate about biotech/healthcare entrepreneurship. He is also the Director of Sponsorship & Finance at Nucleate – Los Angeles, a program that empowers the next generation of biotech leaders. At Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, Zipeng helps to identify and track USC startups in the healthcare and life sciences industry, and connect them with Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health to provide the resources needed for their new venture.

◉ Venture Scout, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health
◉ Director of Sponsorship & Finance, Nucleate - Los Angeles
◉ PhD Candidate at USC Keck School of Medicine
◉ Dual BA in Biology & Business Management, University of Alabama

How Zipeng thinks about early-stage companies:

Only the strong survive.