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Favorite Beach

Balos Lagoon (Kissamos), Greece

Kunal Varshneya


MD @ Stanford / Data Scientist / Healthcare Investor


Prior to joining Wavemaker 360, Kunal held previous operating roles in venture backed startups and an investing role in an early stage VC. He recently completed four years of medical school at Stanford, where he was also prolific scientist, having published 50+ peer reviewed papers and cited 400+ times on AI/ML and big data topics.

◉ Investment Team at PearVC
◉ CEO at
◉ Product Manager at PrecisionOncology
◉ MD at Stanford University School of Medicine
◉ BS in Neuroscience from USC

How Kunal thinks about early-stage companies:

Success in healthcare entrepreneurship requires a combination of a clinical, technical, and commercial mindset.

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