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Can Cancer Care Lead the Way Toward a Value-Based Future?

By: Keely Macmillan

The 2019 Medicare Trustees report forecasts insolvency of the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund in 2026, sooner than prior projections.1 A significant contributor to this unsustainable healthcare cost curve for Medicare beneficiaries is cancer-related spending.2 To address this challenge, Medicare is engaging oncologists through new, value-based programs to identify ways to reduce inefficiency and unwarranted variation in spending.

On November 1, 2019, CMS released an informal request for information (RFI) on Oncology Care First (OCF), the highly anticipated successor to the current Oncology Care Model (OCM), which sunsets in 2021. The RFI, which solicits feedback through the extended deadline of December 13, 2019, is an important step in the development of successful models with robust engagement.3

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