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Five Ways VR Is Making The World A Better Place.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By: Sol Rogers

Preparing surgeons for the operating room is difficult. Practicing on plastic models, watching experienced surgeons perform, and reading textbooks can help, but only to a degree. With VR, suddenly there is the opportunity for a trainee to immerse themselves in a procedure in real-time. In an environment where the stakes are high and the difference between success and failure is so slight, virtual reality offers a giant leap forward in medical education and training.

GIBLIB is a streaming media platform which specializes in developing 4K and 360-degree medical lectures for medical training. The company developed a virtual reality app that simulates an operating room and helps physicians train for various surgeries. Thanks to the app, future generations of doctors will be better prepared to deal with unexpected situations in the operating room, which in turn will make surgery safer.

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