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OnRamp’s ROSALIND and Active Motif offer an improved ChIP-Seq data analysis experience.

OnRamp’s flagship software, ROSALIND, provides a point-and-click experience to speed up and simplify the process of genomic data analysis from experiment setup to QC and interactive data visualization to interpretation. With this integration, researchers will now benefit from an optimized analysis that includes the unique characteristics of Active Motif kits and antibodies, including Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) and spike-in solutions.

Active Motif customers will now be able to rapidly interpret their data with ROSALIND’s identification of the significant peaks and known or de novo binding motifs, as well as a functional enrichment analysis based on “close-by genes” using over 20 knowledgebases like GO, COSMIC, WikiPathways, MSigDB, Pfam, Interpro, and more.

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